Strings Treatment in QCubed

This direcotry contains documents describing methods used for working with string in QCubed.

## QString Class

QCubed is an object-oriented framework. QString class contains methods designed for working with string. These methods are public static and the class itself is an abstract class and thus cannot be instantiated. The methods in this class are described below.

NOTE: Remember to check the class out and read the comments to gain more understanding about what we do.

Methods in QString

Why Base64UrlSafeEncode

If you do not know about base64, read a primer on Wikipedia:

You might wonder why QCubed contains a method for base64 encoding (and one for decoding) when PHP already provides one?

Let us look at Base64 character set. Base64 encoded string may contain

The special characters +, / and = have special values in URLs and HTML form submissions:

Hence a raw base64 encoded string may not be safe for all kinds of uses. Base64UrlSafeEncode replaces

This replacement makes the resulting string safe for use in URLs and HTML form submissions, which is the aim of Base64UrlSafeEncode method.