Why Use QCubed?

The nature of web design is rapidly changing. JavaScript frameworks calling microservice REST apis and using NoSQL databases seem to be the current trend. Why would you want to use a monolithic PHP framework that primarily uses SQL databases to create a modern website?

In a phrase -- rapid application development and easy maintenance.

While JavaScript frameworks and NoSQL databases might produce beautiful, scalable websites, you usually need to know exactly what you are trying to accomplish from both a user-interface and a database perspective to be able to get what you want in any usable timeframe. Usually, that is not what you are presented with when you start a project. Usually you have sort of an idea, and as you go through the building process, things change. The data model changes, the user interface requirements change, the tools change, the languages change, even HTML and CSS change. And most importantly, your customers change.

QCubed is designed from the ground up to be change friendly. It may sacrifice some performance (measured in milliseconds), but the time and headaches you save more than make up for it, allowing you to deliver maintainable solutions to your customers as quickly as possible.

Specific ways it does this are:

If you are worried about scalability, here are some things to consider: